What is the wisdom?

Saw a video of a dog set upon a child shared by someone in my FB timeline earlier this week that made me SO upset that I could’t focus on my work most of the day.
What kind of sick thinking or faith that says– it’s okay to kill them because they are muslims? When someone decides to do evil, that act automatically denounces them of the faith they claim to practice. God, faith and religion are never translated as bad, evil and destructive.
I have been praying… asking God– there is a lesson behind everything, so please Allah, show me what is the lesson behind all this horrible acts of people around the world? What is the wisdom behind people being shoot at, people shooting at, women treated worse than animals, children abused and animals treated like objects?
May Allah protects gives us wisdom and strength to help those in need, and keep our hearts on the straight path…. 

5 bulan

September nak habis dah. Masuk bulan 10 nanti, ada lagi 5 bulan untuk aku maximize PhD works aku. Masalahnya kan.

Aku lagi excited nak balik Malaysia.


Perbualan #8

Anak: Mama can I have milk please?

Aku: OK

Sambil kepala masih pening2 sebab baru balik dari sekolah, aku bukak fridge, ambik cawan & bukak pack susu yang baru. Tuang.


Anak: Mama what happened? That’s your fault!

Aku: Yeah I know. Thanks.

Selalu anak yang tumpah kan susu, hari ni mama pulak.



Be mindful what you share

“As a blogger or social media user, whenever you press that Send or Publish button, most countries expect you to refrain from committing a crime, destroying someone’s reputation, interfering with justice, insulting minorities, endangering national security or stealing other peoples’ words or images”

(Mark Pearson, “Blogging and Tweeting without being sued”)

Perbualan #7

Jalan-jalan petang.

Anak kayuh basikal & mak jalan kaki laju-laju belakang anak, atas walking path menuju tasik sebab anak nak main kat playground.

Aku: Aidan! Stay on the left!

Aku: Are you listening? Stay on the left please.

Anak: Mama, stop telling me to stay on the left!

Aku: I don’t want you to bump into anyone.

Dan basikal dia meleret ke belah kanan. Great.