Riang Ria Cuti Sekolah.

Aidan requested to go to Pusat Sains Negara these few months. So since it is the school holidays, and uncle can come along, so off we go. We spent a good 3 hours inside. He explored almost anything he can get his hands on.

And of course after absorbing all that knowledge & information, he got hungry. Good thing I packed snacks from home. A good tip to save money while outing is to BYO snacks.

And of course additional YouTube & Netflix videos on science stuff when we reach home. And plenty of questions on physics & chemistry

So maybe Petrosains next?

Roof of the atrium inside
Curious lights
A lot of people since it is the school holidays
Baby girl having a look

Meeting with Uncle Yusuff

And after all that, boy got hungry

Report card day budak darjah 2

Report card day kat sekolah Aidan hari ni. Ada kawan dia lari sana-sini dalam kelas, siap bawak toy.

“Wei Razip (bukan nama sebenar) bapak kau datang!”

“Wei tepi, tepi”

Terus duduk diam kat tempat dia.

Tau takut.

Perbualan #18

*Ini bukan iklan produk

Bila kali terakhir korang makan ubat cacing?

Dulu masa diploma memang aku setia makan sbb setiap semester akan ada subjek ladang. Kena main tanah, tanam pokok etc.

Better safe than sorry orang putih kata.

7 tahun lepas habis diploma aku cadang nak makan ah. Pegi farmasi tanya pasal nak beli yang mana.

“Bila kali terakhir adik makan ubat cacing?”

“Ada la 7 tahun dulu”

“Eh tu bukan cacing tu, tu dah ular”

Punya la kelakar sampai hari ni aku ingat. Kelakar, memang kelakar pharmacist tu 😏

So. Korang bila lagi? Aku dah makan dah untuk tahun ni.

Perbualan #17

Aidan cerewet kalau makan. Dia makan benda samaaaa berulang kali. Dan sayur benda dia tak makan.

Nak belikan dia gummy multivitamin. Konon snack + nutritions 😆

“Mama I don’t want to eat gummy. It is not good for kids, you know”

“Ok Aidan”

He saw a video of a kid that ate too much gummy bears, and how it affects the kid’s digestion. So he will definitely say no to gummy.

So semalam ni aku belikan vitamin C pastilles.

“Mama I told you, I don’t eat gummy…”

“This is not gummy. This is pastilles. It is a different thing”

“OK Mama”

Yay Mama wins!

NowListening to: Keane


A Bad Dream by Keane

Why do I have to fly
Over every town up and down the line?
I’ll die in the clouds above
And you that I defend, I do not love

I wake up, it’s a bad dream
No one on my side
I was fighting
But I just feel too tired to be fighting
Guess I’m not the fighting kind

Where will I meet my fate?
Baby I’m a man, I was born to hate
And when will I meet my end?
In a better time you could be my friend

I wake up, it’s a bad dream
No one on my side
I was fighting
But I just feel too tired to be fighting
Guess I’m not the fighting kind
Wouldn’t mind it
If you were by my side
But you’re long gone
Yeah you’re long gone now

Where do we go?
I don’t even know
My strange old face
And I’m thinking about those days

Why this song you ask?

This song was in my YouTube Favourite playlist and it’s been a while it appeared while in shuffle mode. This song was my go-to song long ago when I felt so alone, so used and stuck in a toxic relationship.

I felt too tired to fight.

I guess it kinda relates to the state I’m in right now. I was a quick-mouthed girl years ago and would not tolerate bullshit, especially when its thrown right at my face. I am somewhat still that girl now, but I pick my fights. If it’s not worth my time, I just dust it off and move on.

You see, I am still doing my PhD. I did not finish on time (according to some HR people that say PhD can be easily done in 3 years). I hate giving excuses but it is what it is. Combination of poorly managed research programs and a bundle of unavoidable stuff stretched my PhD journey.

Oh well.

With the baby now, things are a bit more difficult as she needs so much attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I have NO REGRETS for having a baby in this critical time. I had Aidan while having to do my Master Viva Voce + corrections etc. I’m not saying Master and PhD is the same, its just means I can do this. It just takes a wee bit longer.

OK back to work.

Journey to 40 weeks

I’m in my 35th week of pregnancy. It has been challenging and having almost 7 year gap, it feels like new experience since I vaguely remember my previous journey. The most obvious is, I recognize how tired I am at the end of the day and how bumpy rides really annoys and hurt my body. I’m not eating as much as well, which resulted in little to no weight gain.

This post is my journal, based on the records in my pink book.

10th week

  • 1st appointment 31/10/17
  • (My) Weight: 81.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 126/80
  • EDD: 2/6/18

13th week

  • 22/11/17
  • (My) Weight: 80.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 135/81
  • EDD: 28/5/18

17th week

  • 20/12/17
  • (My) Weight: 80.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 129/75
  • EFW: 173g
  • EDD: 30/5/18

21st week

  • 17/1/18
  • (My) Weight: 81.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 120/73
  • EFW: 354g
  • EDD: 1/6/18

26th week

  • 21/2/18
  • (My) Weight: 81.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 122/63
  • EFW: 924g
  • EDD: 29/5/18

26/2/18 I went for a detailed scan, no gross fetal abnormalities seen.

30th week

  • 21/3/18
  • (My) Weight: 81.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 122/75
  • EFW: 1617g
  • 28/5/18

33th week

  • 11/4/18
  • (My) Weight: 82.5 kg
  • Blood pressure: 116/78
  • EFW: 1821g
  • EDD: 10/6/18

After this appointment, the GP was a bit worried as the baby gained little weight along the way. She suggested an option which I’m sure most mothers don’t want to make — having to operate the baby out. She was worried that the baby is not taking nutrient as she should and letting her stay longer inside is not the best option. I tried to eat more but my body just can’t take more than it can. So I told myself, if that is the best option, so be it…

35th week

  • 25/4/18
  • (My) Weight: 82 kg
  • Blood pressure: 133/83
  • EFW: 2307g
  • EDD: 6/6/18

Alhamdulillah the baby’s weight increased to 2.3kg! That means I must be getting skinnier (I WISH!) because my total weight gain since the 1st appointment was only 500 grams.

It turned out even though the baby is ‘small’, the growth was steady, regardless being at below borderline when compared to the fetal growth chart. So after discussing with the GP, we decided to just let nature takes it course and pray for Allah’s help.

My next blog post about this particular journey would probably be after the delivery, unless I remember to update the progress hehe.

Image from https://www.babycenter.com/fetal-development-images-35-weeks

Today’s date is 27/4/2018. The current estimated due date is 6/6/2018