A day of weddings

Weddings has always been a place of reunion. Weddings has been something I look forward to because I get to see my friends and their family. And of course to celebrate the groom & bride :)

On 4 January, I attended the wedding of Oma in the noon and Afnan at night. Since both are friends of mine since for more than 10 years, attending the weddings is top priority. So here I’m posting photos from the day, friends that became family.

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And to have friends capture photos of my baby girl is 100% hehe.

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Checking in.

Once in a few weeks, I have this feeling of not wanting to do anything. The only reason for me to get out of bed is my children.

Once in a few weeks, I just stared at the computer screen. Knowing I have tonnes of responsibilities to execute. But I felt nothing but just emptiness.

A friend of mine suggested I see a psychiatrist. I have been keeping the referral letter for about 3 weeks now, in my car. Not sure when to go to the hospital.

I snapped so very easily. Even my son noticed I’m changing. He said today, Mama you are so different now. It really made me cry inside.

For the sake of my kids, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow.

My children and books

Good habits begins at home.

I always make Aidan bring a book with him in the car. Mula2 memang dia membebel tak nak la apa la. In the end will open them and start reading.

Adik at the back was also reading and eventually fell asleep 😆

He was reading about Beluga whales. It’s status now is endangered. He was asking about what ‘status’ and ‘endangered’ means. Then our conversation extended into the ecosystem, balance, and the need to protect endangered animals.

I love our 10-15 minutes drive from home to UPM.

Tentang terima benda yang kau mungkin tak nak.

Bila kita cakap pasal ‘cukup’ & ‘syukur’ akan ada orang yg akan tambah ‘tapi’.

Ya benar, kita boleh nak dapatkan apa yang kita rasa kita selayaknya dapat.

Tapi kalau kau dah cuba beratus kali pun jawapan dia kau tak dapat apa kau nak, kena tukar mindset.

Aku pasti sebab tu kita sebagai Muslim diajar pasal something extra– tawakkal.

[ta.wak.kal] | توکل

Definisi : , = bertawakal berserah kpd Allah dan disertai usaha. (Kamus Pelajar Edisi Kedua).

Ada benda yg jadi di keliling kita ni, kita tak paham maksud dia. And some refuse to take it as qada’ & qadar.

Benda ni sesungguhnya ambik masa. Aku pun bukan tiba2 je boleh senang2 pikir ‘ala takpe benda lain lagi best nk datang’. Untuk yakin dan percaya memang ambik masa & perlukan hati & akal yang terbuka utk terima.

So kalau kau tak dapat apa kau nak, bertenang lah, sebab macam mana power kau merancang, Allah Taala lagi power dari kau & orang2 lain keliling kau.

Riang Ria Cuti Sekolah.

Aidan requested to go to Pusat Sains Negara these few months. So since it is the school holidays, and uncle can come along, so off we go. We spent a good 3 hours inside. He explored almost anything he can get his hands on.

And of course after absorbing all that knowledge & information, he got hungry. Good thing I packed snacks from home. A good tip to save money while outing is to BYO snacks.

And of course additional YouTube & Netflix videos on science stuff when we reach home. And plenty of questions on physics & chemistry

So maybe Petrosains next?

Roof of the atrium inside

Curious lights

A lot of people since it is the school holidays

Baby girl having a look

Meeting with Uncle Yusuff

And after all that, boy got hungry

Perbualan #18

*Ini bukan iklan produk

Bila kali terakhir korang makan ubat cacing?

Dulu masa diploma memang aku setia makan sbb setiap semester akan ada subjek ladang. Kena main tanah, tanam pokok etc.

Better safe than sorry orang putih kata.

7 tahun lepas habis diploma aku cadang nak makan ah. Pegi farmasi tanya pasal nak beli yang mana.

“Bila kali terakhir adik makan ubat cacing?”

“Ada la 7 tahun dulu”

“Eh tu bukan cacing tu, tu dah ular”

Punya la kelakar sampai hari ni aku ingat. Kelakar, memang kelakar pharmacist tu 😏

So. Korang bila lagi? Aku dah makan dah untuk tahun ni.

Perbualan #17

Aidan cerewet kalau makan. Dia makan benda samaaaa berulang kali. Dan sayur benda dia tak makan.

Nak belikan dia gummy multivitamin. Konon snack + nutritions 😆

“Mama I don’t want to eat gummy. It is not good for kids, you know”

“Ok Aidan”

He saw a video of a kid that ate too much gummy bears, and how it affects the kid’s digestion. So he will definitely say no to gummy.

So semalam ni aku belikan vitamin C pastilles.

“Mama I told you, I don’t eat gummy…”

“This is not gummy. This is pastilles. It is a different thing”

“OK Mama”

Yay Mama wins!