I should be happy, I guess

So far, life seems to be good. Balanced. The good the bad all in one line. Biasalah, aku bukan fairy tale creature yang senantiasa ada happy ending. Re-cap 2009. A brief one.

Work is OK. Finished my contract. Now to submit the paper which is the most malas thing to do. Freelance. Ironi Iris. You Might Want This. Haih. I miss working in a company. Site visits. Deadline. Meetings. Nursery.

Family. They always makes things better. Sorang sorang kahwin. But its all OK since we got our bench mark of 34. Yeahaa.

Events & shows. I always wondered how it felt to stand (or my case sitting) in front of a crowd and do your thang. I owe you Wani. Thanks for letting me play. Now that I’ve known, sudah lah. Aku tak nak perform lagi :)

A friend and a backstabber can be in the same group. Lucky me, all those I keep close to me are categorized as friends. Very, very few are the dark side of the group.

Wani is leaving the country. Masters. Will be missing her so much. *hugs. After a very bumpy ride, she still managed to keep herself together and stall tall. Congrats also dear. Nak jadik tunangan dah.

Me? Well. As you can see. Makin gemuk. Sigh. Nak kamera. Nak i-touch. Nak blackberry. Nak job. Nak tu. Nak ni. Ah. Banyak sangat lah. Bye-bye 2009. Welcome 2010.


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