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Foto : Editing paling radikal aku boleh buat 5-6 tahun lepas. Lokasi : Pizza Hut.

Lately, I’ve stumbled upon many individuals that uses certain words to give themselves the push, the x-factor, the one special thing that differentiates them form the other billions. From designers to photographers, from musicians to poetry readers. Each and every person tries their very best in order to appear different from each other.

Certain bands label themselves as experimental. Combination of several genre. Kononnya unik lah. Sometimes memang lah unik. Lately most of them are just crap. One or two songs, okay-lah. Pastu the other songs dah tersasar gi mana ntah.

How radical is radical? I bet some of you knows who I am talking about. He calls his style – radical photography. Lets check, what the heck is radical. Shall we?

From Mr Wiki : Radical, from Late Latin radicalis “of roots” and from Latin radix “root”, has many meaning according to its usage whether in science and mathematics; in medicine; in linguistics; in politics; in culture; in architecture; brands, titles and proper names. Secara keseluruhan, benda yang lain dari yang lain. They depart from the norm.

From : Radical–adjective. 1] of or going to the root or origin; fundamental: a radical difference. 2] thoroughgoing or extreme, esp. as regards change from accepted or traditional forms: a radical change in the policy of a company. 3] favoring drastic political, economic, or social reforms: radical ideas; radical and anarchistic ideologues.

Ok, so and so. So what radical photography really means? Is it about the radicalism of the way a photo is photographed? How radical the editing that is done to the photo? How radical the model pose in each shot? I’ve been trying to find the radical essence of his work and what I see is excessive editing processes. Ok, maybe that is the x-factor of his work. Radical editing.

I can understand candid but not radical.

Maybe what he can do is, try to capture image in radical conditions or environment. Hujan tengah lebat giler. Kilat sabung-menyabung. Deep in the jungle. On the top of KLCC. Think radical places!

Semua boleh buat editing – minimal or maximal. Bukan Melayu Minimalis ok?

Tapi jangan lah sampai nak jual tool presets kat photoshop tu mahal-mahal. Padahal entah-entah dia sendiri curik kat mana-mana tapi make money out of it. Pastu claim kononnya boleh pakai pada mana-mana photograph. Hello? Mana-mana gambar? OMG. You can fool some but you can’t fool us all.

Azam tahun ini. Aku nak beli kamera supaya boleh sama-sama buat duit – macam notes Encik Azim post kat facebook. Good business, right? Aku pon nak kaya gak oi.

3 thoughts on “This & That

  1. aku takkan describe diri aku as “radikal” or “pioneer” or “certified”. aku akan guna perkataan “THE SHIT”, “THE FUCK”, “THE SHIZNIT”…

    tapi aku bukan photog pun

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