No to hate

The “I hate Saiful Nang” syndrome.

The thing is.

We hate each other too much. Stop spreading this hate plague. He might not be perfect. He might have done too many wrongdoings. He might have stabbed too many peoples’ backs. He might have said too many hurtful and stupid things.

People, the world is fair. Dunia ni bulat kawan-kawan. Korang tengok ah. If he had done all the horrible things you guys said, mesti kena balik punya lahhh. Lama mana pon dia nak duduk kat atas nun.

Patience my friends. God is Fair.


3 thoughts on “No to hate

  1. I’m just disappointed, I looked up and respected him. Not much of his works, but of his influence on others, and how successful he has become. All the things he came up with.

    Was ambitious that Itudio Studio would be as great and as sought after as CS someday.

    God is fair indeed. Perhaps this is just a part of whats to come?

    I’ve actually heard rumors about him for a very long time, but I’ve always been in denial, saying that people are just overacting out of jealousy. But I guess in this case, it’s true when they say ‘masakan pokok bergoyang..’

    I’m not one to say ‘he deserves it’. I hate to be judgemental, and I ALWAYS try to see people for their goodness and ignore their flaws.

    But from that screenshot, I just can’t accept it. Still I don’t ‘hate’ him. Just very very disappointed.


  2. you and a lot more out there also la anna. i dont know much about him or he has done, but i’m sure there is a reason under all those ‘i hate saiful nang’ movement.

    i guess we just have to wait for the plague to ends.

  3. No need to purposely find a reason to hate. It’s just that he was somebody that I adored, that’s why I just had to know, and hoping to reveal otherwise. Unfortunately…


    It’ll end I’m sure, benda ni semua temporary je hangat.

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