Every beginning has its end.

Humans. Life starts with birth and ends with death. Someones departure might be someones welcoming. The way life sustain. Thats why I think cloning should be illegal.

In some cases.

In my family, the oldest member is my mom. In 2004 I lost both of my grandmothers and my Ayah. Since then all that we have is Mak. Mak lost her Abah in the 70’s. Then her aunts and uncles became the substitute dad and mom.

Until yesterday.

Another old family member passed away. Nek ‘nchu. She was the youngest from my Arwah Atuk’s siblings. She passed away at 10.30pm at Serdang Hospital. It was here time. Ours? Hurm.

I did not grief that much. Maybe losing my Ayah was far too painful than losing anyone else. Well. Some also say, we shouldn’t grief because it is God’s will. If we grief too much it is as if we do not accept the fate meant for us.

Fate is probably one of the things people don’t have faith on.

Despite of the passing of my grandma, Im happy to welcome Adrian Affendy. The son of Dhilla and Beck.

Hi. I am Adrian Affendy

And as I write this, SueAnnaJoe is probably at the hospital. Her water just broke about two hours ago.


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