Departures & Arrivals

This 2010 opens with a few departures & arrivals.

  1. Nenek N’chu passed away
  2. Adrian came into Affendy & Dhilla’s family
  3. Luqman came into Anna & Pit’s family
  4. Wani’s 1 1/2 years ‘trip’


I’ve been through a lot with her. [agak lah]. Since we’ve known each other in 2006. Started as online buddies through Persetankan. Then we would meet up at shows around KL.

Shoot. There is a lot in my head right now but I just just can’t put it into words.

The point is. Deep inside I know she can do it. She can survive. She can get through anything. Despite of her sickness. A few questioned me if whether Wani akan OK kat sana. Quickly I told them :

Relax. Wani tu dah besar. She can easily take care of herself. When a person is by herself, automatically they will learn to stand alone. Lagipun, God had already make plans for each and every one of us. Tak payah risau“.

So Wani. Take care. Be good. Study hard. Don’t worry too much about everything else. Put yourself ahead of everyone else once in a while. We love you.

I love you <3


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