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A good friend of mine told me a story about her cousin that was diagnosed with leukemia. More & more cancer patients are reported worldwide specially in the US. People have become more aware about health as nowadays, many types of diseases seem to attack almost anyone.

My father passed away because of cancer. It started with a very, very small mole under his thigh and it grew into the size of a 50 cent coin and later spread inside his body. What started as a skin cancer eventually reached his lungs. He passed away a day before the 2004 tsunami.

Ok, back to my friend’s story.

She was diagnosed with leukemia. In her family, there were no recorded cancer cases and because of that, automatically the doctor rejected hereditary cause. After a series of interviews & research, it seemed that her leukemia was actually caused by huge consumption of fast food. The good ol’ McDonalds. For years, she had her lunch at McDonalds because there were no closer food stalls around her office.

I met a doctor before, and she said the culprit of the increasing diabetic & obesity issues came from processed foods and even fast foods.

Erm… makes me wonder.. switch to vegetarian?


One thought on “Possible?

  1. No need to :)

    Sebab tu dalam Islam menekankan konsep wasatiah dalam kehidupan – kesederhanaan dalam apa jua perkara termasuklah pemakanan. Jangan kurang, jangan lebih, berpada-pada cukup.

    tiba-tiba aku bunyi macam ustazah kan, hehe

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