A true cycler joins this.

Ever heard of Massa Kritikal or Critical Mass? Hurm. If you claim yourself to be a true cyclist, maybe you should get to know this small but strong group of people. I heard about them from my dear friend – Yuen. Somehow, I can’t seem to find him in the world-wide-web. He was a former classmate. We took Public Speaking class together. Leng chai ma.. When I did a presentation on Food Not Bombs, he helped me a bit on the facts.

Anyway… Taken form their Facebook… Critical (M)ass is anything mostly bout cycling in the city, traveling with bicycle, bicycle community and workshop and people who not only love, but also ride their bike… everywhere at most of the time…

Cycling is a living alternative to automobility. Many people in the world today assume that there is no alternative to the automobile. People assume that the car is the only way to get around, even for short trips to the shops or a friend’s house. Cycling offers a different kind of freedom. Bicycle reconnects us to the environment we live in, and help to shape by our transport decisions. Bicycle can stop at the side of the road for a chat with a passing friend because it doesn’t have to worry about slowing down ‘the traffic’. Bicycle has no screen with which to insulate itself from the outside. Bicycle lives in, and takes responsibility for, the world it inhabits and moves through.

They also have their own blog. Click here to visit.

They are having a little gathering/event on Friday, March 26, 2010. It starts at 8:30pm – 11:30pm. Gathering point is at The Annexe, Central Market. Bring your gear! For more info, visit their Facebook page!

[ i wish i still have my bike]


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