To Wani

I have no photos to post. So sad, kan?

Online, I say that I loved you, saying that you’re one of my closest friends and all. But when I browsed my photo albums, the last photo we took together was…… I dont know.. Banyak yang aku dah transfer to DVD. I had to make room in my HD for now & future works.

Aku rasa tersentak. Takde gamba kita berdua, Wani. Kalau ada pun, in other peoples’ facebook album. In my own, tak ada.

Shit. I feel like I am a lousy friend. No, I am the lousy friend.

So sorry Wani, this post is supposed to be a cheerful, loving and boosting birthday wish. But it turned out, it makes me sad, knowing that i really HAVEN’T been there for you.

Masa kau susah/sedih, aku tak ada. Masa korang keluar ramai-ramai, makan-makan, aku tak ada. When you have shows, aku tak ada. Kalau ada pon, sekejab-sekejab ja. Yet, we claim we love and need each other.

Aku malu dengan diri.

It makes me re-think. Friendship tu apa sebenarnya? Is it about being there 24/7 for each other? Is it about sharing joys and laughter? Is it about lending a shoulder to cry on to? Is it about understanding each & every action we do without questioning? What is friendship? Who should we even call FRIENDS?

Sheesh. Melalut lebih.

Happy Birthday Wani. Seeing the video you posted makes me feel safe. Because you’ve been saved by Pak Janggut. Hehehe. Smoga all those awesome years to come be yours always. Love you :)

2 thoughts on “To Wani

  1. Thank you. Kau memang kawan yang teruk sebab kau tak tahu yang kita tak payah physically be together 24/7 pun kita still boleh sayang each other gila babi and kita tak payah dwell on having solid reasons or latest pictures just to feel and have that kind of friendship.

    Aku ulang: Sayang gila babi.


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