Language is powerrrr

When a lecturer eventually becomes so frustrated to a student, and decides that the students’ standard is actually lower that what she expexted, who is to blame?

This is about my students, a 1st year batch of landscape architecture. They registered for an oral speaking (english) class, which is a core subject here, in UPM. The lecturer sent them out of the class because the students fail to answer her questions correctly.

I asked the students, and naturally, they would blame the lecturer to be incompetent and too emotional. Trying my best not to take sides, I told them, what the lecturer did was very not professional. A lecturer, no matter how incompetent a student is, must never give up to help them. Sabarrrrrr. I admit, we really have to be patient in order to ensure what we deliver can be digested by those who listens.

I am ever grateful, my mom exposed me to the english language since I’m very young. Almost every year, I receive the best student for the english subject since primary school. But what about those that has no parents that can converse good english with them?

School is the answer.

We’ve been taught the english language since kindergarten. TV shows, cartoons, movies and comedy shows are almost all in english. Primary school : standard 1-6. Secondary school : form 1-5. Matriks/STPM/Diploma : I’m sure the use of english language continues. Degree level. Lectures (in UPM) are mostly in English. STILL, the students fail to converse the language.


Lack of practice. Practice DO makes perfect. Afraid of being called poyoPegi mati. If we want toREALLY improve ourselves, there is no need to listen to all the negative feedback people give.

Why is it important?

Language IS power. Mastering the english language WILL NOT make us less nationalistic. It will not make us less Muslim. But, it can make a huge difference when we are among our friends, colleagues, officemates.

A friend of mine stops school, did not take the SPM exam and now working with a catering company. He realizes that english is very important and can really make his boss notice that he can be a good employer. He decided to enroll to a language class. He has no SPM and yet he can converse. What about the so-called students that is seem as leaders of tomorrow at IPTA’s?

Working world. I once worked in a landscape contractor company. The nature of being a landscape designer in a contractor company requires the designer to not only design, but also attend meetings, meet the clients, go to the nursery, meet with the supplier, submit the plans and install the design. All this requires the english language. Specially when the client is a big company. Everything is in english. What happens to a worker that has very minimal language capability? Their ideas are not heard. They lack of confidence. Members of the meeting did not take him/her seriously. Rugi kan?

English is not hard, believe me. Its aalllll in your head. We just have to practice in order for that vocabulary to flow out nicely and form perfect sentences.

I am definitely not perfect. I am also still very much learning and trying to improve my vocabulary.

To my students that may read this, please be positive and plant inside yourselves, “I want to improve myself”. Because we can membebel all semester and spoon feed all sort of stuff to you guys, but if deep inside you refuse to open up, it will all be a huge waste.



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