8 months

Some mothers can really write about their pregnancy experience. As for me, the journey is beyond words, beyond description. I guess, the journey can only be understood once we have gone through it. Diri sendiri saja yang tahu.

I don’t know what to expect. I’m not sure what to feel. It is a mixture of feelings. Macam-macam ada. Scared? A bit. Happy? Definitely. Saiko? Huhu mesti lah ada. I can understand now, a few stories/experience I’ve been told before. Tapi aku tetap yakin, it is all in the mind. Kalau kita berfikiran positif dan yakin, everything will be smooth – takde banyak karenah.

About 1 month++ to go. Frankly, right until now, I’m not sure if I am REALLY ready to become a mom. I guess, kita semua akan tahu bila baby tu dah ada depan mata hehe. May this journey teaches me to be a better Muslim :)




2 thoughts on “8 months

  1. Loving the bumP!.:)
    May u had a smooth sailing pregnancy and delivery, dear..
    Insya Allah u’ll be a good mom!

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