Oh media

Media plays a very big role in shaping our community. Most people will immediately believe what they see/hear/read in the media as they believe in the voice of many.

Many = right.


But at the same time, for some of us who might be a little more diligent in finding facts, they dig deeper that just depending on one type of source. These people will then be divided into 2: those who try to balance what they have seen/hear/read and those who choose ‘facts’ based on what they want to believe.

Terrorists have been re-labelled as Muslims, thanks to the media. For those who never encountered a Muslim or have a friend that happens to be a Muslim will embed this idea deep inside themselves. Upon seeing another brother/sister that might look like a Muslim, they will immediately send signals to their mind — be careful.

An article in the Converstion.Com suggests that the thing that is missing from the media is the ‘other’ side of what is so popular about being a Muslim.

The successful Muslims.
The powerful Muslims.
The kind-hearted Muslims.

The role-models. The good guys.

“Young people often express anomic behaviour when they find aspirational pathways blocked. They turn to criminal activity to generate the money and subcultural status they seek. Racism, poverty, prejudice, eroded self-esteem and marginalisation can add to this.

The behaviour becomes alienation when they abandon accepted social goals and choose alternative goals and pathways. That shift is what takes a young criminal or anguished adolescent and turns them into a young potential terrorist.

The trick for the jihadist recruiter is to find the anomic child and transform them into someone whose alienation will run the gamut to murder, usually by providing an affirmative role model that speaks to their unease.

For jihadist recruiters, often hardened criminals, the psychological grooming of teenagers is part of their skill-set. And every action by the state, the media and the wider social milieu that screams moral panic reinforces the alternative persona of hero for the cause.”

The ending of the article literally made me smile…

“We have had 40 years of the Australian media trying to ensure that doesn’t happen. No wonder there’s a problem.”

If we fail to give answers to why there are so many ‘bad Muslims’ being covered in the media, we can at least make ourselves the image of a good person and hopefully the best Muslim example. There are no bad religion. There are just really nasty people.

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