What is the wisdom?

Saw a video of a dog set upon a child shared by someone in my FB timeline earlier this week that made me SO upset that I could’t focus on my work most of the day.
What kind of sick thinking or faith that says– it’s okay to kill them because they are muslims? When someone decides to do evil, that act automatically denounces them of the faith they claim to practice. God, faith and religion are never translated as bad, evil and destructive.
I have been praying… asking God– there is a lesson behind everything, so please Allah, show me what is the lesson behind all this horrible acts of people around the world? What is the wisdom behind people being shoot at, people shooting at, women treated worse than animals, children abused and animals treated like objects?
May Allah protects gives us wisdom and strength to help those in need, and keep our hearts on the straight path…. 

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